‘Mystery man’ was ‘very quiet’ when he was ‘stomping on the head’ of a student

In an interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, a man claiming to be a teacher at a Montessori school in Virginia who was “stomped on the back of a young girl” told CNN that he was “very quiet” when he “was stomping on” a student’s head.

The man, who identified himself only as “The Father of the Universe,” told Zakaria that he had been teaching a class of kindergarteners and children for five years when he noticed a “very small, very young child” who was having trouble standing up and “just kept asking for her back.”

“I had to grab her and I started to kick her.

She was crying, so I grabbed her and started stomping her,” the teacher told Zakarians interviewer, who was asking about the alleged assault on a schoolgirl.

“She was a little upset about that and she started crying and saying, ‘Oh, I can’t stand up anymore, I feel so bad.’

And I said, ‘I am the teacher of this class, and I will protect you,'” the teacher added.

‘A very good teacher’The teacher, who said he taught kindergarteners for 10 years, told Zakarias interviewer that he thought it was a “good idea” for his students to come to him.

According to the school district, the alleged attack took place on March 4.

On Saturday, the school’s website posted a photo of a child in a red jumpsuit who had suffered injuries that were described as “life-threatening.”

Police were contacted after a Facebook user reported the alleged incident to police.

 The unidentified teacher told the CNN reporter that the alleged victim’s mother had been on vacation and was unable to provide her information.

He said he was unsure if the mother had reported the incident to the police or not.

A Facebook post from the alleged school teacher’s page reads, “A very talented teacher of our Montessorio school, I will do anything I can to help protect and protect our students.

I will not tolerate bullying and violence against any student.”

According the website, the man was not an employee of the school and had been there for about a year.

It’s unclear whether or not the alleged assailant has an attorney, and it’s unclear if he has filed a police report.

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