Al Jazeera’s hospital bed rentals: ‘I can’t sleep anymore’

The hospital bed that was left behind in the basement of the hospital when a nurse fell ill was used for a day, and a month later, the family had to move the bed to another building, where it remains.

“We were given two weeks to move to another hospital,” said Maria, who only wants to be identified as Maria, for fear of reprisals.

The bed was donated to the hospital after the nurse’s death in 2014.

“I couldn’t sleep properly, I had trouble sleeping and I couldn’t eat,” she said.

Maria, 27, said she could not sleep on her own.

“It was just a mess,” she told Al Jazeera.

“There were tears in my eyes.

I was crying for two weeks, and then I stopped crying.”

Maria is one of more than 600,000 people across the world who live in a state of emergency in the face of the Ebola virus outbreak, which has claimed over 6,000 lives.

The United Nations estimates that more than 1.5 million people have been infected with the virus.

But the vast majority of these people, according to the World Health Organisation, have been living in countries where they were not exposed to the virus, such as Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

The government has promised a $1 billion funding injection to fight the outbreak, and the UN has pledged $100 million.

But many families and communities are still suffering from the consequences of the epidemic, and are struggling to find housing.

“The main problem is people are not being able to afford to stay in their homes,” said Al Jazeera medical correspondent John Sudworth.

“They are forced to take care of their families, they have nowhere to go and they are losing everything.”

Maria’s family has been living at the building for almost a year, but the building has become increasingly difficult to manage as the situation worsens.

In a recent interview, Maria’s mother, Joanna, said they had to find another home to rent.

“Because of the crisis, there are not enough beds for the patients, and we had to look for a place,” she explained.

The family has also had to cope with a lack of supplies of essential items, including medicine, food and blankets.

In the last three months, Maria said the cost of medicine for the family has doubled.

“Before, we used to pay around $5 a day for medicine.

Now we pay $100 a day,” she added.

In addition to the costs of medicine, the families are also unable to pay the rent for the new flat.

“People are desperate,” Maria said.

“Our rent has doubled in the last month and it’s just going to increase.”

A new building for the Al-Aman hospital, which was built with a loan from the European Union, was completed last month, and was due to be opened on October 16.

Al-Mawsan Hospital, a charity that helps people with disabilities, said that the new building is being built “with the help of international donor organisations” to allow for better care.

“This new building will be a huge boost for the rehabilitation of patients, especially for the families,” said Dr Mohammed Ahmed, who heads the Al Mansans’ charity.

“But it’s not a building that is suitable for the current patients and their families,” he said.

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