How to create a fake Twitter account in less than a day

This is how to create your own fake Twitter profile in less the day.

We have done our best to ensure the following steps are simple and do not require any technical knowledge or advanced skills.1.

Log in to Twitter with your Facebook account or Google+ account.2.

Click the “My Profile” button at the top of your profile.3.

Select your avatar and name from the drop-down list.4.

Select the “Follow” tab.5.

Click “Follow this account” to follow the account.6.

Enter the details of your account, including a phone number, and a URL to your profile, as well as the URL to Twitter’s homepage.7.

Click next.8.

Once you have followed this account, click the “Log Out” button to stop the account from following you.9.

Click on the “More” button on the top left corner of the screen to log out.10.

After logging out, the account will not be visible on Twitter.

Follow our tips to protect yourself:1.

Use a username and password that is not your real one.2: Always remember to use an email address that is unique to your Twitter account.3: Keep a clean and secure browser, like a Mozilla Firefox browser.4: Never share your password with anyone else.5: Always set your password to at least 5 characters long, even if you only use a few.6: If you need to access your account through a VPN, remember to change your password frequently.7: Follow our tips on setting up an account to protect your online privacy.8: When it comes to social media accounts, be careful what you post.

If you are using an account for a private business or professional purpose, always check with your provider to make sure they will not post or share personal information.9: If the account is for an agency, like an advertising company, ask your agency to verify that the information is legitimate.10: Remember that even if your account is not linked to a real business or organization, Twitter may use your profile to send you content that you do not have permission to see.

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