Why the AAP is the only party that can win Delhi in 2019: A look at the 2019 results

New Delhi: New Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) party is the first in the country to score a majority in the legislature.

The Congress is second and the Bahujan Samaj Party is third.

This is despite having only two MLAs in the house, with the BJP and the Congress holding their respective majority.

AAP has achieved this feat by drawing on a large base of youth.

AAP was able to tap into this youth vote because it had the support of young people.

This was crucial for the party to win.

The AAP’s manifesto was based on the slogan, “One Delhi, one AAP”.

The party had an image problem as a new political party in the city.

The first manifesto was titled “Aam Aadna- Delhi”, but AAP’s slogan was “Aaam Aadminam”, and the second manifesto was “Modi- Kejriwal”.

This led to criticism of the manifesto from former Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.

But the party stuck to its guns and its manifesto was voted on by the party’s supporters.

The manifesto included a promise of “one Delhi”, with the slogan “Aap kar ke aadmi ki tak dal”.

This promise was made on the day of the AAP’s formation in February, 2019.

The party’s manifesto, released on January 11, 2019, included the promise of a one-term government of the Centre and a “one-member, one-vote system”.

This meant that a single person, elected by the people of Delhi, would be able to sit in the Parliament.

This system was based around the concept of “minority-based representation”, and would have been an effective way to bring the country together.

The AAP manifesto said that “the Delhi Assembly will not remain the only seat in the House, but the power of the people will be transferred to the people through direct elections of the elected representatives.”

The AAP manifesto also contained the promise to ensure equal representation in the Lok Sabha.

This promised to ensure the inclusion of women in the Legislative Assembly.

The party manifesto promised that the Delhi Assembly would have a single Lok Sabha constituency, with only three seats allotted to women.

This promise would be made on January 18, 2019 and was a major step towards the creation of a female-majority Lok Sabha that could hold a meeting and vote on the issue of reservation.

The manifesto promised a “minoritarian” agenda.

It stated that “All decisions will be made by a minority of three persons.”

This was a reference to the “minori”, which is the term for the majority, and the two-thirds majority required for a particular decision.

The two-third majority is also the minimum requirement to get the government to pass a law or any other policy.

The two-party system is seen as an important part of the BJP’s political identity.

The BJP has also been accused of having a “paternalistic” approach to governance, and of being anti-minority.

A recent report by the Indian Express claimed that the AAP manifesto was anti-people, because it included a pledge to ensure women’s rights.

This included a proposal for the formation of a “women’s commission” to study the issue and ensure that women’s issues were taken up in the governance of the country.

The Delhi Election Commission (DEC) on Tuesday confirmed the results of the Delhi assembly elections, which saw the AAP come out on top with more than 44% of the vote.

The results were announced by the Chief Electoral Officer, Gopinath Munde.

“Congratulations to the AAP and to the Congress in the Delhi polls.

Our nation is a democratic country and we have to have an honest government,” Munde said.

The Delhi Assembly elections were a major milestone in the history of the party.

The previous AAP government had been in power for less than a year.

The new government was formed after the Delhi High Court struck down a clause in the law that had limited the power to the Lieutenant Governor, which was the main role of the government.

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