All of Japan’s best bed styles and pictures

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article Japanese bed design in the bedroom is so ingrained in our society that it is hard to imagine how it could have evolved from a foreign concept in the Western world.

While the Japanese have been known for their romantic lovemaking for centuries, they are not known for the type of bed they like.

So, while there are a number of Japanese bed styles that are pretty awesome, it would be a shame if this list had to be the ultimate guide to Japanese bed style.

Here are our top ten favorite Japanese bed designs and pictures, but keep in mind that the selection of Japanese beds is just as diverse as the world around us. 

The Japanese Bedroom: 1. 

Hikaru Matsumoto (born 1952) Hakubumi-san (恋原月屋) is the mother of three children and is also the editor-in-chief of the Japanese magazine Nikkan Shimbun. 

She is also a prolific writer and translator, and the author of a collection of poems called Kōkaku  (Beautiful People). 


Kotobukiya (ボコボブル) (also known as Kōkubaru) is a Japanese bed and breakfast that opened in Kyoto in 1972.

The house has been open for almost 50 years, and it has been called one of the most prestigious Japanese bed-and-breakfast chains in the world. 3. Shiba (ショイベイ) is a traditional Japanese bathhouse located in a traditional town in northern Tokyo.

It is the oldest Japanese bath house in the country, and is famous for its Japanese-style bathtub. 


Gakuenji (カガグン) The Shiba Gakuenjii in Kagoshima, Japan. 


Naka (高禅) Located in the Shiba area of Tokyo, Naka is an ancient Buddhist temple, with an impressive collection of artifacts from ancient times, including Buddhist statues, urns, and ṭās. 

6. Yamashita (そつら) Yakitora-ji, an amusement park in Kyoto. 7. Otomo (オトゥターマ) A Japanese restaurant that opened on the corner of Kiyosumi and Takahashi streets in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district in 2001. 


Miyamoto (ミリボン) A Japanese designer, who started his career at an architectural firm, opened a second design studio and designed many Japanese brands including Shinkansen trains and other high-end furniture. 


Kyōzaki (福配輪) This restaurant in Kobe is renowned for its sushi, and was one of only two restaurants in the United States to be named Best in Tokyo by the Michelin Guide in 2013. 

10. Bōken (新世石)  A Japanese-themed bar that was originally a ramen restaurant. 

Read more about Japanese bed ideas on The Huffington Post.

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