Bedbugs bite more than bed bug experts expect

The number of bed bugs that bite people in Canada is more than three times the number estimated in 2015, according to a new report from the Canadian Centre for Disease Control and Prevention.

The report, which was released Friday, said that in 2015 there were 2,812 bed bugs reported to health authorities in Canada, an increase of nearly 1,000 over 2014.

That’s more than the number of people that were bitten in Canada in 2015.

The number of reported bed bugs in 2015 was the highest in five years.

But, the report found, the increase in reported cases was driven by an increase in the number in a three-person household, as the number was expected to increase in Canada over the coming year.

The CDC report is based on data from the Ontario Provincial Health Department and Health Canada.

It doesn’t include the number who didn’t show up for appointments, and the number whose symptoms were mild.

The report is being presented Friday at a public briefing at the Canadian Institute for Health Information.

The study was conducted by the Centre for Health Systems Research, a division of the University of Toronto.

It found that the number bitten in Ontario increased by nearly 1.5 percent between 2014 and 2015, compared to the previous year, to 2,906.

This was due to the rise in cases reported in Ontario from 2014 to 2015, which were expected to continue.

The average number of bites per person was 2.6, and for three-to-five-person households, it was 2 per person.

The number in two-person homes was about the same as the average for Canada.

The biggest increase in bites was among the elderly.

The average number was about 1.9 bites per bed, but for people older than 65 years old, the number rose to 2.8 bites per night.

The most common types of bites were from ants and fleas, with the second-highest number of deaths among the bites among older people.

The increase in bed bugs is partly attributed to the spread of new, less toxic bed bug treatments.

The new treatments are usually applied to the mattress, but are also used on clothing, mattresses and beds.

The latest research also suggests the emergence of the new, more dangerous bed bugs may be related to the popularity of new mattresses that come in different shades of blue and grey.

The new mattress shades have been popular with families, but now bedbugs have also been found in mattresses from other colors, including green and red.

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