Google’s $1.9 billion acquisition of Nest will be used for IoT research

Google will acquire the Nest home security system maker, a Google executive confirmed Wednesday.

Nest’s CEO John Russell confirmed the news in an email to The Wall Street Journal, where he is a director of the company’s consumer products group.NEST is best known for its thermostat and motion sensor technology, but the company is also developing a range of smart home products, including a smart doorbell and a home automation system.

Google purchased Nest last year for $3.2 billion, making it the world’s largest home security company.

Its acquisition comes as the company continues to focus on consumer products, especially the Google Home, which is set to become available to customers in the coming weeks.

Named after Nest founder and CEO Tony Fadell, the Nest is designed to be a smart thermostats that can tell you when you are at home and turn the lights on and off, according to Google.

Its main function is to notify you of the weather, but it can also track and control your home’s lights and thermostatics.

Its smart door and security sensors can tell your home when it is time to close, according the company.

It can also control the home’s thermostatic system.

It will be the first time that Google will be using the Nest technology for home security, the company said.

“We believe that Nest’s home security solutions are a significant step forward in protecting the homes and communities in which we live,” Russell said.

Norton and Microsoft have already worked with Nest on the Cortana voice-controlled assistant, and Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella told The Verge last year that the company has been working with Nest to improve its voice-based voice recognition.

Microsoft’s Alexa voice assistant is the companys biggest selling assistant.

Microsoft is also partnering with Nest for a Nest thermostater with a built-in camera.

Russell said that the acquisition of the Nest hardware would be “consolidated into one of the largest acquisitions in Nest’s history.”

Nest also said in its announcement that it would create 10 new companies, including its own subsidiary, the Next Home, that will work with Nest’s products.

That would include a home security division, a smart home security technology company, a security software company, and a software platform.

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