How to fix the king platform bed that is hanging above your head

A king platform is the crowning glory of the football pitch.

It is a high, flat platform that supports the entire pitch, making it a perfect spot for a striker to shoot.

But there is one small issue.

As you might expect, there is a problem.

This king platform doesn’t support the player.

The players feet cannot touch it.

It would not be the case if you were playing in a higher league.

It also has the problem of being prone to rusting.

This is why it’s impossible to play at the top of the pitch, but it is also why the King Platform is an integral part of the game.

It’s also why you can find it in the King Of The Hill, where players must move the platform as a team in order to score goals.

The King Platform, as it’s known, was introduced in the 2011/2012 FIFA 18 season.

Here’s how it works: When you reach the top, you see a small platform with a black flag in the middle.

This flag indicates the king platforms height and how far up you are.

At the top is the King of the Hill, which is the only way to score in the game so far.

Once you have reached the King, you need to make a pass.

There are three ways you can do this: 1.

The pass must be made from the outside of the King.

It can be made by crossing the pitch and hitting the flag.


The player has to get in the pass.

The pitch is flat and the ball is suspended above the player’s head.

This player is called the “offside” player.


The ball must be passed to the other team’s player.

If you pass to the “other team’s” player, the player has three options: 1) He can go backwards and try to get his back to the ball.

He is usually going to be on the outside, but you can still make the pass with your head.

2) He may try to reach the ball and make a play for it.

In this case, you have to let him go backwards or he will have to dribble around to get the ball to the opponent.

3) If the ball goes in, the team that has the ball has to go out.

This means that you must pass to your “other side” player and make the save.

In a game like this, it’s not unusual for the “onside” defender to make the play.

You should make the correct pass in this case.

You’ll need to have an accurate goal from the “Offside” side, otherwise the team with the ball will score.

Now let’s move on to how to score!

In order to win the King platform, a team needs to score.

It takes a few basic things to win: 1.)

The ball has been played to the outside.


The team with possession of the ball (or “the offside” team) has to score (this will happen even if you’re playing with the “defender” side).


The “defenders” side is out of possession.

The “off-side” players need to stop the ball from moving and try and score.

This will happen when both teams have possession.

If both teams score, the King is won.

Here are some tips: 1- If you’re in possession, you should stop the “out-of-possession” ball by pressing your “defending” team, or by pushing your “off” side player.

This prevents them from playing backwards and is the most difficult of the three.

2- It is best to use your “Defending” player to stop your “Off-side’ player from playing forward.

If this fails, it means that the “Defenders” are going to score, and you can move on.

You must make sure you’re able to control the ball so that your “On-side”, “Defender” or “Off” side players are in a position to stop this.

3- If the “Outside” team passes the ball, it must be touched with your “Outside’ player.

You can’t touch the ball with your player if you have the “Goalkeeper” or the “Defense”.

This means your “Goal” player will not be able to touch the “On” side.

This also means that your team can score.

If a team passes a ball to you and you touch it with your ‘Goal’ player, you can’t make a save.

4- If a “Defend” team touches a “Goal”, it will stop the play and the “Player” on the “In-paint” side will score the goal.

If the ‘Goal” and the ‘Defenders’ touch the same ball and both teams touch the ‘Off-pitch’ ball, both teams will score, but the “P

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