What’s the deal with Ikea’s sofa bed?

Ikea has released the first in a series of “modern bed” covers designed to offer the same comfort and convenience as the original.

The new covers feature the same soft-feel, smooth design and the same durable construction as the originals.

They come in a range of sizes from 60cm to 75cm and are designed to be folded and placed in a flat bed.

The covers feature a simple, flat design with a cushion-like design that allows them to be easily tucked into a flat space or bedside table.

The Ikea covers also include the same adjustable, sliding lid that was previously available in the Ikea Deluxe.

The cover comes in three colours: light grey, light blue and dark blue.

It’s the same colour scheme that has been used in the new Ikea bed covers, which were launched on July 6.

Ikea said the Ikeas latest modern bed covers were designed to work with the Ikes standard recliner and tiltable armrests.

The company has not said how many of the new covers it is offering.

“The covers are made in Europe and we have designed them to work on the standard recliners and armrest,” Ikea said in a statement.

“They are available in different sizes and colours.

We will continue to release them to our customers.”

Ikeas new Ikeas new Modern Bed covers have a range available, but they are not compatible with the standard Ikea armrest.

IKEA’s Modern Bed cover is available in light grey and light blue.

Read more ikeas new sofa bed source UK Today article Ikeas newly launched sofa bed has been branded “Ikemach”.

The brand has launched the “Iikea” cover, designed to make the sofa bed more comfortable and to offer “the same comfort as the first modern bed cover”.

It comes in two different colours and it is available for $130.

It is currently available for pre-order from Ikea.

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